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Created in 2011, Joint-Venture of four companies specialized in the field of Services: Transit, Logistics, Catering and Facilities Management. 100% Gabonese. 720 employees (490 Gabonese, 30 expatriates) • Turnover: 15 million euros (10 billion FCFA) - Investment: 6 million euros (4 billion FCFA).

Visual Eagle


Transit and Stevedoring

Eagle was founded in 1993 in Port-Gentil.
The company is considered as the leader in shipping and transit business by air or by sea. (Consignment and handling)


This firm possesses over 250 qualified employees and the latest generation, most reliable equipment. Thanks to an important network Eagle deals with private, conventional, roll on roll off shippings as well as international import/export of full size containers. Organization of air-born shipments is also possible as Eagle is licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Eagle possesses its own trucking service, proactive in a growing market and two offices: Douala, Cameroun – 1995 and Houston, United States – 1996.

Eagle export all types of merchandise towards any destination while following the IATA regulations.

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Visual Mandji Handling

Mandji handling

Transportation, Handling, Logistics…

Founded in 2008, MANDJI HANDLING and established itself as an expert in transportation and logistics even through the local explosion in this area.


Men and women of MANDJI HANDLING, develop a fast and specific expertise in their own area as supervisor, chauffeur, carrier etc. Assets and knowledge that we are engaged to pursue in order to create new talents.

Our clients must posses competent translators. Our business disposes of two shipyards and the best equipment such as state of art cranes, trucks and elevators of different capacities. Our shipyard in Port-Gentil measures over 5000 square meters and a recent port was just built. Our second shipyard in Libreville measures over 7000 square meters and all the warehouses are highly secured.

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Visual TPSI


Public Works and Building Services

Created en 2007, TPSI provides a variety of costumed services and adapted solutions for every specific need of its clients

  • Public works and construction
  • Technical evaluations and real estate construction
  • Garbage disposal service
  • Building and land maintenance
  • Construction, lease or sale of camp grounds
  • Water stations care
  • Park and garden care
  • Airport services
  • Medical care
are just a quick glance to what TPSI can do for you.
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Visual Ayoba


Catering (restoration and services management)
Onshore - Offshore

Created in Gabon en 2010, specialized in restoration and hospitality business. Particularly, running and managing camp grounds on and off shore for industrial, oil and mining companies.


AYOBA catering Gabon, is owned by a complementary group of business. Created in 2010 in Gabon, we specialize in the restoration and hospitality business. Particularly, running and managing camp grounds on and off shore for industrial, oil and mining companies.

Our presence in a very demanding and diverse market, allows us to offer a wide panel of adapted solution for the most competitive prices. Thanks to our experts, technicians and personnel, our teams are driven to provide the client with complete satisfaction.

While respecting the law and economy of the country, AYOBA catering Gabon grew very well in the last two years, gaining recognition by its clients and establishing itself as a promotor of durable development.

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